Friday August 29, 2014 – Daily Market Commentary

Yesterday I was saying how today would be a slow
day because of the holiday weekend and how the
New York Traders would be escaping early to
get to the Hamptons.

But, there were still some moves in spite of that.

For example, TSLA gapped up on some news
this morning.

One of my trade group members booked a profit
of around $3,600 on the gap.

He was long calls from yesterday.

That is a nice profit in a day.

And the crazy thing is that his investment was only

How would you like a 167% return in a day?

Well I can tell you those kinds of deals are out

And even higher.

How about this one?

SPLK reported earnings last night.

And this morning SPLK opened up $3.43.

You maybe thinking the opportunity is over.
And you would be wrong.

This morning you could have bought the $52 call
that expires today for only a nickel.

So, for $5 you control 100 shares. They ended up
going up to $2.50.

That is a 49 to 1 return.

So, had you invested $150, it would have grown
to $7,350 … in one day!

You just need to know where to look.

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